Normal and Emergency Power Supplies
Normal power for the building is supplied by a way of main electrical switchboard located on Level 1. The switchboard is supplied by 3 separate transformers housed within the substation on Level 1. The main switchboard is segregated into 3 separate supplies being base building and mechanical, essential services including lifts and fire services and tenancy supply.
Each tenancy level has a separate 125 amp 3 phase circuit breaker which is separately metered, these are housed within the electrical riser located on each floor, this equates to 65VA/m2 for tenant use. Each floor has the capacity to be segregated into 6 individual metered areas.
Standby diesel generators provide standby power through 3 x 1500KVA diesel generators, these are located on a designated plant located on level 1.
Changeover from mains to standby power is fully automated and each individual switchboard can be interlocked by Castel key system.
The level 1 substation houses 3 x 1500kVA transformers, this equates to 140Va/m2.
Sub meters have been installed for each tenancy. Meters are manually read monthly and tenants are directly charged for consumption.
Office Area Lighting
General office lighting consists of rectangular T bar troffers (400mm x 1200mm) with 2 x 36W T8 fluorescent lamps and 14 cell semi-specular, low brightness louvers.
Individual office switching is via 6 gang switch located in a central area.
Emergency Lighting & Exit Signs
Base building emergency lighting and exit signs are powered by a centralized battery system. Individual tenancies have independent single point battery powered emergency lighting and exit signs.
Tenancy Cabling Provisions
An electrical riser cupboard is located on each level.
Telephone Block Cabling
The MDF room is located on Level 1. Each tenancy level houses an IDF located in the communication cupboard within the electrical riser. There are provisions within the IDF for data and phone cabling.
Lightning Protection
The building has a lightning protection system which is achieve by way of 25mm x 3mm stainless steal strips fixed to the perimeter of the Building, connected through 11 test points located.