Water Supply
A Grade water supply is provided by way of 1 x 100mm main supplies - one from Brisbane Water's 100mm diameter main in Eagle Street.
Hydrant & Hose Reels
There are two risers located at each end of the core, with hose reels located in each riser and a hydrant valve located in the northern riser on every tenanted floor, fed from an electric pump located in the sprinkler valve room on Basement 1.
Sprinkler Installation
An Automatic Fire Sprinkler System, designed to comply with AS 2118-1978, is provided throughout the building. Six (6) sprinkler valve sets are provided in the sprinkler valve room serving:
Installation 1 - Basement 1 to Basement 4
Installation 2 - Ground to Level 4
Installation 3 - Level 5 to Level 9
Installation 4 - Level 10 to Level 14
Installation 5 - Level 15 to Level 19
Installation 6 - Level 20 to Roof Level
Both diesel and electric booster pumps are provided.
Hazard Rating
Car parks Ordinary Hazard Group 2
Offices & retail tenancies Ordinary Hazard Group 1
Automatic Fire Detection and Alarm Systems
The Building is equipped with a Simplex 4100 addressable fire indicator panel linked to the Kemp Street Fire Brigade Station and will initiate a general fire alarm and response to operation or activation of any of the following:
Sprinkler head;
Smoke detector;
Manual call point.
In addition to this the equipment will transmit signals to the mechanical services switchboards to
Shut down non essential air conditioning and ventilation plant;
Start up essential ventilating plant in fire-mode.
Emergency Warning and Intercommunication System (EWIS)
The EWIS system is a Quintex model QE90 and comprises a main control panel, auto / manual generation of warning and evacuation tones and a field installation of speakers and warning lights. These items act in concert to provide an audible / visual indicator of required fire and evacuation warnings across the site.
Communications have been configured for one zone per floor on the occupied levels the warden intercom point is located inside a fire services riser.
Speakers in office areas are flush mounted with white trims. Speakers in car parks and plant rooms are reflex horn type.
Emergency Intercommunication System
The emergency intercommunication system (EIS) will facilitate intercommunication between the wardens intercommunication points (WIPs) and the master emergency control panel (MECP) located in the ground floor fire control room and behind the Concierge desk in the main lobby.
The operation of the EIS must not be inhibited when the EWS is in use. The MECP is interfaced to the Fire Indicator Panel (FIP) for acceptance of the alarm signals to activate alert and evacuation tones using the tone generator, as required.